August 22, 2017


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Work to-date:

Year 1:

  • During its first year of data collection (spring-summer 2017), SyRIA.lth research study has conducted 1,932 interviews with newly resettled Syrian refugees nationally across Canada.

View early results infographic: SyRIA.lth infographic#1- English

  • We conducted focus groups (winter 2018) with 153 newly resettled Syrian refugees nationally across Canada

Year 2:

  • During the second year of data collection (spring-summer 2018), SyRIA.lth research team followed-up with 1809 of our year 1 participants nationally across Canada.

Because of your ongoing support and commitment to SyRIA.lth research study, we now have a rich and valuable information to help better understand  how social integration of refugees in Canada influences mental and physical health.

What’s next for SyRIA.lth research study?

  • Our year 3 follow-up survey will be available to eligible participants in spring 2019; stay tuned!

Thank you again for this important contribution to refugee integration research!

SyRIA.lth Team